Change to Registration Process!


Last year The Australian Baseball Federation introduced a new online registration system.
As part of the new system all players and officials (both Summer & Winter) are required to register and pay online, their National and State fees using the Baseball Australia registration form.

If you HAVE already paid your fees with NBBC at registration day or on team app (Prior to today) you do NOT have to do anything else at this stage. Fees will be redirected by the club and you will NOT have to register again.

If you have NOT paid your fees prior to today you must do the following 2 steps.

1. go to

This will lead you to a ‘Create an account’ page and then through a series of questions to register. You will be asked to pay online, your National and State fees but it does NOT include Club fees.
If you played summer 2017/18 you will already have an on line account, if you have forgotten your password you can simply reset by clicking on the “Username and Password” Menu item. You must know your email address for your online account to renew your password.

2. go to “STORE” in team app to pay Club fees.

BV/BA Registration fees are due before April 11 (via BA site)
Club fees are due before April 14 (via Team App)

Apart from the initial set up using two sites, BV have confidence that the new platform, Sportstg.force platform will provide clubs with more accurate records of player details, games played and club management.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Any problems please call Jo on 0402 041 399

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